Introducing the Peaches and Cream Wedding Series!






Spring is in the air! With the sounds of the lovebird’s song and the ripe sweat peaches on the tree, this is time for sweet romance. Apparently, the DFS Bakers agree as well.  Introducing the Peaches and Cream Wedding Series, which features a few unique creations such as the Peaches And Cream Cannoli Patter.  The Cannoli Patter is a sweet, creamy treat, wrapped in a flaky, delicate cookie sure to make you go back for seconds. Next in the series is the Peaches and Cream Tower, which is a two-tier display of delectable springtime treats, such as creamy DFS Strawberry cheesecakes, made from fresh farm strawberries and top quality homemade cheese. Of course, the tower includes DFS finest assorted milk chocolates, taking the tower to new heights of deliciousness.  The DFS Strawberry Cheesecake Minis and DFS Heart Box Of Assorted Chocolates can be enjoyed in the Peaches And Cream Tower are by themselves. Dressed for this special occasion, Bride & Groom Platter is a tray of yummy cake pops to top off your table display.  With all four of the wedding treats, serve each guest the DFS Wedding – Peaches And Cream Goodie Plate, which will make your wedding the talk of the town for weeks to come. With some many awesome treats to pick from, join us in discovering your favorites!

Oh, we have one more item!


Let’s not forget the crown jewel of any wedding! The Cake! Introducing the DFS Wedding Cake – Peaches And Cream (84 Li)!

Try some today!

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