New Carpentry items!


Get ready to craft! We have added a few fun new items to make or buy! It items like the new DFS TG Thanksgiving Table, DFS TG Autumn Candle Box, DFS Table Top, DFS Table Leg, DFS Nails (Buy in Store), DFS Fabric Bolts (Buy in Store), DFS Chair Leg, DFS Chair Back, and DFS Chair Seat.

Items to create at the awesome: The DFS TG Thanksgiving Table!

The table will give you 5 EP per 5 minute per person, if you are within 5 meters of it and if you are in the same group as it, a maximum of 500 EP per table.

NOTE: If your EP is full or you are not wearing the HUD it will still subtract the EP from the table.

The DFS Carpentry Table
Slot 1: DFS Table Leg
Slot 2: DFS Table Leg
Slot 3: DFS Table Leg
Slot 4: DFS Table Leg
Slot 5: DFS Table Top
Slot 6: DFS Fabric Bolts
Slot 7: DFS Nails
Slot 8: DFS Nails
Slot 9: DFS TG Autumn Candle Box

If you and your guest, within Group and wearing the DFS Hud, are standing within 5 meters, the table gives you 5 EP every 5 minutes. The table provides a max of 500 EP. Great time for a dinner party!